Strict Mothers Have More Successful Children

Many Neo-aristocrats will have grown up in families with strict mothers and remember  The constant nagging and trying to stay on top things was surely difficult to bear, if we didn’t know it then as children we do now as ORDER15  that she was doing it for our own well being, all now backed up by recent findings  According to one expert, titled  strict mothers usually have more successful children. 

Erica Rascon, a professor from the University of Essex has conducted a study which showed that strict mothers have more successful children, and that successful people had highly demanding mothers. The research analyzed surveys of more than 15 000 children aged 13-14 between 2004 and 2010. According to Rascon, “the measure of the expectations in this study reflects a combination of aspirations and beliefs about the likelihood of access to higher education declared by the majority of parents, in most cases the mother.”

The children whose mothers had high expectations are much more confident and secure. The results of the study showed that daughters who had persistent and nagging mothers have 4% lower chances of getting pregnant prematurely. Children who had persistent mothers were also more likely to finish college and get a nice job. It may sound unrealistic, but demanding and strict mothers do have more successful children.

Most children considered  strict mothers their true enemy while growing up. Half way through 2023 such a thing as strict mother becomes rare indeed, even the ones that care about their child’s behaviour are often to weak to fully get to grips with discipline and feel guilt even enforcing it but we assure you that enforcing strict rules and high expectations will help your child immeasurably later in life. They may  not like it now, but they will end up thanking you a thousand times as a adult. When they are a adult They will recognize and appreciate all the effort you gave to raise them right, and they will and should try adopting the same approach for their children.

In a age of total degeneracy and the collapse of the family unit within the wider community Neo-aristocrats should embrace the trend not as a disaster but rather a opportunity. While other children fail by the wayside  ours can advance.

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