Its no coincidence that family comes first on our list, while all pages and ideas on our website are important to the overall message, and goal what’s set out here on this page is the core everything else is there just to enhance / to compliment the core.

First off we understand that not everyone wants or  has the ability to create a family be it medical reasons, age or otherwise and this in no way renders you ineligible to become part of the Neo-Aristocracy So long as you see merit in and champion our ideal.
Until very recently family and extended family was everything, long after a child came of age. The source of defence, non interest loans, employment, political guidance / allegiance, chaperoning   and childcare. could be obtained within the family unit.  All these things provided a safety net for children and indeed all family members. Naturally the family unit has been a huge Target for the western governments to break and its true their efforts have had a massive impact on the break down of it but its also suffered at the hands of not so nefarious reasons like employment. Long gone are the days when you would walk to and start working at the local colliery or car factory your father and grandfather worked at. Long gone are the days when you would find multiple generations of families living in the same street often next door or even under the same roof.
Today the norm is to leave for university and or employment almost always far outside of ones family circle rarely to return.    

2.1 is the amount of children each couple need to have within a community to sustain that community, not to grow it but to sustain its current level. We all know couples who have 3 children and even of rare occasions 4 but… statistically as a ethnic group ethno Europeans are hovering around 1.5 on average. Not only is this obviously way below replacement level but its a major factor in the weakening of the family unit. ” no older brother to run to when things get tough in the playground” No sister to introduce you to one of her respectable friends the list of negatives is of course endless.

Working examples of blood ties in minority groups. 

China town.
China town is a obvious easy non controversial example of a tight knit community. almost every country has one and if you have ever set foot in one you cant help but marvel that 1 minute your in the familiar city you know then literally turning  a corner and your in a totally different place altogether. These enclaves operate within the jurisdiction of the host nations but they go by a totally separate ethos. Almost all business are family owned and run. Trade is often done with either yen or the Honour system cutting out altogether the tax man. People are hired  purely on blood ties and  favours. These communities block vote and demonstrate together. Their power is in their shared identity and unity.

Muslim communities. Muslim communities dominate their geographical areas in every aspect, business, religion, politics, culinary, aesthetics. even law in many European countries. All controlled and geared in the favour of their community ideals. Unlike their Chinese counterpart however their not self relegated to one district of one city. Islamic birth rates are notoriously high and Muslim family loyalty the corner stone of their existence. and with these 2 principles and their strict religion they easily thrive in any area they choose to colonise. Living together multiple generations and branches in one house saving money to collectively pay off a mortgage in record time,  often in conditions that Westerners would find intolerable. From living together to working together, curry houses, chicken shops dress and fabric  shops all family run.

Gypsy communities
Gypsies strength is easily understood by just about anyone that’s come across them, because coming across them all to often leads to you quite literally crossing them or them crossing you for want of a better phrase and in doing so you don’t just cross one but there siblings also, and if your dispute doesn’t end there then their parents, aunts and uncles are only a phone call away. They are a distant reminder of how we once lived. Living together, working together,  drinking together, settling disputes together, marrying within the immediate community and above all just staying part of a solid tight knit unit.

With a Birth rate that’s so high it makes Muslims look westernised/lazy They are tipped to have serious leverage in US politics in the coming decades purely on numerical grounds alone, but it isn’t just their fantastic birth rates which are giving them a edge, but their life style.  Again living together, working together, praying together, inter marriage. Block voting.

All these examples, all these communities thrive all these members of said communities have a major advantage over the rest of society and are not by nature under threat or persecution from the state, media or other organised  group. They go about their activities for the most part unmolested / unnoticed because their not trying to take on the state, their not trying to change the wider society.

Blood thicker than water
from the outset Neo-Aristocracy has been vocal about emulating those that used to rule and those that still do. Rather than physically voting or campaigning we would be in such a position one day as to influence who ever it was regardless of party that won each election. and emulation mustn’t stop there. We must emulate these so called minority communities in their daily practises. Sounds complicated …. Not really. Unrealistic ?… Well no and reason is this.
 Each person focuses on their own family You don’t have to go out and try convince your mates or co workers or the random people in the street to radically change their whole way of thinking and lives. You only raise & steer your own immediate family towards the intended goal.
Yeah its the long game No quick fix here no instant results decades in most cases but still This is strategy of which the outcome totally depends on you  and how well you can raise and influence your own children and partners and in turn how they raise their children. Something of which you should be doing anyway.

Now before you lose interest remember the winning team is and has been playing the long game for more than 70 years. Everything that’s been done to counter them is reactionary and has failed. Violence, voting, demonstrating, all of it a failure. If you join a semi decent pro western party anywhere in the west your going to do so knowing that your party will unlikely ever take high office or if they do it will be in decades not years. So your already playing the long game, albeit it a losing one.

The proposal
What we want to set out here is guide to a possibility, A obtainable goal for those willing and young enough to obtain. That of creating and sustaining  a large traditional family that works together, prays together, lives together, and block votes together.
The aim of you and your spouse should be to have at least 4 children and as many more as you can possibly afford. Now first off we will deal with Money because we all know this is the main excuse/reason given for people failing to have healthy sized families.
All to often the focus is on how much money you can make and hardly any attention to how much money you can save. There are endless ways to not just cut corners but restructure your life to save a huge proportion of your income.  From using vouchers to trading your own garden produce. and renting out a spare room.  Life style really comes into play here and rural living is going to save you a whole heap of money compared to a city or town upbringing. Instead of taking all the kids to the water park You go swim in the lake for example… Instead of taking them to laser quest you take them duck hunting. Instead of MC Donald’s drive thru you roast the duck out back. You see where I’m going with this. Now we aren’t suggesting you go totally off grid and grow a beard but its a point of fact living a country lifestyle wearing country clothes, playing and eating country style does cost less. Can’t live in the countryside well, hand me down  clothes and maybe if they really do need the latest gadgets then get them second hand. 

The biggest cost in anyone’s life is normally the family home. Well here’s the thing for those of you that say what we are advocating can’t be done for financial reasons. There is are always parts of the country cheaper  and no it doesn’t have to be the ghetto. What it comes down to is will you move ? How committed to your values are you if your not prepared to do that, if its all that’s standing in your way. 

Raised right.
The obvious examples of raising your children right would be of course good manners, to follow your chosen family church should you have one. Law abiding focusing on studies etc.
but these are individual advantages to have, what we are going after here is a collective advantage.
You need to start looking at your own family or future family as a dynasty and you the founding generation of that dynasty, your the one with the thankless task. the one to sweat and toil all hours of the day in the hope that future generations will reap the reward.
The Rothschild family is arguably the most successful dynasty of all time, and in a interview a few short years ago Jacob Rothschild  4th Baron Rothschild was asked the secret of their success. He said unlike all other aristocrats of Europe they have always chosen the most able child the most willing and intelligent child to take over the family seat be that male or female heir. Where as European tradition dictates it goes to the first born male. Here you can see a rather alarming advantage in strategy on the part of the Rothschild’s.
Your not a heir to a country estate so what’s this got to do with you ? All you need is a home a home you own the more rural the better but any home will do to start with. So from the 4 or more children  you choose the most willing and able to inherit the bulk of your estate and general wealth. The plebs among you will argue this will lead to jealousy and sibling rivalry culminating in them cutting all ties with each other. However the existing model where used is proven. and proven for a thousand years in some families cases. Its again purely down to if you are capable enough to  raise them to accept it. The wealthy have been doing it for generation after generation it’s only been the lower classes that have been unable to grasp the importance of it.

The child that’s nominated to inherit the family wealth does so under conditions.

1* Open house. House will be kept open to immediate and extended family. Should a brother or cousin become temporarily homeless then the head of the house must temporally house them. Should a family member become down on their luck and require money then a interest free loan or handout should be considered.

2* Religion. The head of the house will maintain the family faith should one have been chosen. Enforcing it with their immediate relatives, and encouraging it with their wider ones.

3* Family business. The head of house must maintain or create a family business. The best most basic  example of which would be  a farm and or bed & breakfast. these business can be obtained and started with very little money over the price of a average house. So realistic which is important when talking about things like starting dynasties. The majority of the profits should be put back into the business and the business itself relocated to better and better premises when money allows. If this is just too unrealistic at the time then there are plenty of ways to start something even just renting a single room on Airbnb or a online only business with very little capital.

4* 25-50%  Each child will be taxed 25 to 50% of their earnings once they gain outside employment this money will be put directly into the family business. Most third world countries actually have children with the explicit reason to generate money as in each child is seen as a future investment for the family. (The logic is sound) This money is also the money that can be used for interest free loans to the same family members that gave it up in the first place. the 25% will continued to be paid for the life of the member should they opted out of this tradition then they fore fit their position and privileges within the family. Which isn’t to say they should be shunned or anything so dramatic but still a clear benefit should be taken away. It’s important to note that the head of the family does not directly benefit from the money, they are not the owners per se but rather the custodians.

5* Career path. Each child will be guided toward useful employment, Useful to the family for example a Lawyer,  a Soldier, a Carpenter a Plumber. Now think about this a plumber and a carpenter perhaps not the best paying high flying salaries when compared with banking or whatever but throw in a electrician to that mix and you have a in house workforce that can quite literally build a home in their free time at cost. they can build each others houses at cost or extend the family HQ is what we are getting at.

6* Block voting
Head of house will select or maintain family loyalty to organisation or political individual and ensure that all family members come together and vote for or support that organisation as a unanimous unit.

7* unity
The children from a very early age will be taught the importance of blood and not just of their ethnic tribe but that of their siblings who are to be there life long best friends, that each brother and sister come before anything else and that bond must be protected and outwardly advertised at all times. If you go against one of them at school, the bar, or workplace you take them all on. This relationship must remain life long it doesn’t end with high school graduation. Failure to uphold this devotion should result in lose of family privileges.

8* Barter. Families  will cooperate with other participating families, trading intel, business contacts, goods and services for example. using the barter system where possible to avoid cash payments and in turn tax contributions.

9* Heraldry. Families will adopt house names and emblems. The starting of family traditions is also greatly encouraged.  

10*Inheritance. Head of house will nominate his or her successor from the most willing and able direct descendant. Nominee will need to demonstrate/prove they understand their responsibilities (primary one being also having a large family) and pledge to continue to uphold the family creed, and protect its assets for future generations. Passing it on when they to are no longer capable of leading it. Heirs must get approval for marriage. All efforts must be made to secure the families wealth as it transitions from one generation to the next using all legal means to avoid inheritance tax for example.  In the case of a sibling that isn’t elected to head of house, they and their family will continue to pay tribute in the amount of 25% per working member. If their is a desire to do so any family member can request to break away from the family and form their own family for an annual fee to be agreed. These break away families are called Branches you can read more about them here.