OK so if your signing up for one of these you should know a fair amount of work is expected so you might be better off just paying the membership fee. However if you are capable and willing to put the hours in Do contact us with your details and experience. Anyone fulfilling a role will be given full member status after 30 days. Don’t apply if your not certain you can do the work. All positions are on a voluntary basis

If you can’t find anything suitable listed then do check back once in a while as the list will be updated when necessary.

Graphic designer must have previous experience.
Job description. To design and re draw  images for T.shirts coffee mugs and other such saleable items.

Fashion designer and or Seamstress must have previous experience. job description to design and or alter clothing for the Neo-aristocrat label.

Radio host or podcaster  experience not necessary. Someone who is willing to either turn over their pre existing radio station or pod cast to Neo-Aristocracy and run it for us, or someone willing to set one up and host it.

PR spokesman. Person must seek out interviews with sympathetic media. No experience necessary but you must have a firm grasp of what Neo-aristocracy is and where it wants to go.

Group coordinator must have previous experience. Person should have past experience organising members of a group /political party / Company. Duties to include being the first point of contact for new members.

Traditionalist Family planner  Must have past or current paid experience with helping raise multiple children in a traditionalist manner. Traditionalist mothers of large families would also be considered. Areas of interest would be cooking, home schooling, diet planning, event planning.

Blogger Someone who has a pre existing blog who wants to turn it over to Neo-Aristocracy and write for Neo-Aristocracy

Religious leader. Someone who is already a Christian Pastor, priest or alternatively a Gothi or other such teaching position within the folkish Odinist, pagan pre Christian groups and willing to take up a exclusive position with Neo-Aristocracy.

Political Campaign manger Must have previous experience with a political party.