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Become a member

We are a international organisation with Families in 13 countries but the chances of any of them living near you is very unlikely so if your joining you do so on the understanding that if you are going to want to meet with and socialise with other members in the real world then your going to have to play a role in recruiting them.

Different ways to become a member

You can make a small donation of 10 US dollars per family.

You can purchase any item from our online store.

Alternatively we are looking for voluntary skilled staff to fill the roles listed here  so if you have the drive and the experience we want to hear from you.  All 3 ways get you a life time membership for you and your family.  

Please contact us first before you attempt to make any payments. 


As a member you can support our work and ideas,  signing  up to our various social media pages and groups sharing, liking posts  and contributing to discussion, all are valuable ways to help spread the Neo-Aristocratic message. Should you find yourself in a enviable position of having other real world members around you, you  should of course meet. All this aside the most important thing you can do as as a member is to start to structure your family in accordance with Neo-Aristocratic principles and where possible document and flaunt it, encouraging others to do the same.