The survival of the western ideal in the British isles

Premium Photo | Broken white heart shape with united kingdom flagThe decline is everywhere, evident to all, few maybe mentally competent to attribute that decline with anything remotely associated with its true cause but never the less the growing consensus is the party is coming to a close.

That said i can’t see any kind of meaningful insurrection taking place in the UK at the present  particularly in light of the fact that the British Isles is one big goldfish bowl and the ruling regime already has everything in place to deal with such a action. However, I do believe that any form of insurrection is contingent upon the stability of the political centre, so the creeping economic and homogenous decline will, like with the Roman Empire, eventually begin to have an impact on the social sphere as the state finds it more and more difficult to impose its control. Once that happens and the System can no longer police the streets effectively or protect its corrupt officials from being physically confronted, I believe that we will see cracks appearing in the proverbial armour and territory will be ceded as a result, this territory won’t necessarily go to us of course as there will be multiple faiths/cultures, ideologies / sub groups all jockeying for their slice. but its up to us to be strong enough to be able to have a chance at our share. People have always spoken of revolution as something that will happen on one ‘almighty day’, but I think it will be more gradual than that and this is why Neo-aristocrats will, over time, become increasingly more relevant and necessary as a means of basic family survival not just in the UK but where ever our members happen to live and not simply as a lifestyle option for a few families In other words, there is a real inevitability about it all and those who scoff at us today will certainly be scrambling to apply it at some point in the future when all the other options have been exhausted.

The Big Family Farm | Marshfield Mail

William Cobbett was an English radical, journalist, politician, and farmer who famously said that “I defy you to agitate any fellow with a full stomach,” but things will change very quickly once people become desperate and that’s when the comparative luxury of docility will disappear altogether. The secret is to have everything in place before that happens, lest we get dragged into the hunger, disease, violence and criminality that will follow the collapse of the regimes. This is where revolutionary structures come in: home-schooling, bartering between like minded families, local exchange trading systems, alternative currencies, growing food, rural crafts, housing made from natural materials and anything else which operates outside of the existing system and which can effectively outlive it. Strengthen the periphery now and the centre will suffer as a result. They rely on our participation, but if we turn our backs on it all, the nation-states will begin to collapse that much sooner. 

The beauty of being a Neo-aristocrat is i suppose the fact that it doesn’t matter if anyone believes in our goals and ethos. Its all about family, if our family is with us there is no limit. Collapse or not we continue to grow one child, one family at a time. 

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