The Smartphone killed the internet star

i was born in the 80s. This was my childhood, then i enjoyed yours too -  Meme by hcbigred :) Memedroid

Through out modern history decades have been so easily defined. Until recently everyone could recognize and identify a decade from a sample of a song a movie or an item of clothing. The Beatles in the 60’s Ghost Busters in the 80’s for example. and anyone growing up in those decades will invariably think back and talk fondly of them as if no decade since has come close. If you ask people growing up in the 60’s what it was like they will most likely tell you it was amazing that it felt like you where part of something big, The music of the time was so intertwined with politics that following a band was literally choosing a life style. The music brought about the flower power movement and in turn transformed society. Same with the 90’s Anyone that listened to acid house / rave music will tell you their whole lives revolved around that music scene from the clothes they wore to the friends they kept. People lived for the weekends when they could go to the clubs and raves buying the drugs and merchandise to further immerse themselves in that scene.

So what about the Noughties (2000-2009) ask yourself what was so special about this decade ? What band, what fashion trend what outdated gadget what movement was so cool back then ? How about The Teens (2010-2019) put it another way in 10 years from now can you imagine a sub culture existing that collects and immerses itself in the music fashion and cinema of 2014 for example ? what was so defining about that year or the year before it or after it. Sure some of you reading this will fondly remember a song you had on a loop one great summer but did the rest of society join you in that total immersion ?

Firstly, I want to note that Avril looks surprisingly good in that video she is literally trapped in 2008 biologically speaking. and observation that we are still basically in 2008 feels alarmingly true, and the implications of that are somewhat extensive.

Peter Van Valkenburgh commented that we don’t need any new culture because there is so much of it, which has only recently been perfectly cataloged and available at your fingertips (at least that was the case before the censorship campaign began).

For the most part, I don’t really see zoomers as having their own culture. Zoomer pop culture seems to be completely a rehash of a bunch of stuff right about 2008. Although the noughties where barely memorable compared with the teens they where like the war years, i mean it just got worse and worse like literally no one can point to anything memorable or worth remembering in the last decade

1 possible explanation for that is that it is the last stop in the culture before things got really weird, and therefore it’s something people want to hang on to. This is the year Obama got elected.

From there, all of the LGBT stuff, and the race stuff, went into hyperdrive. Obama was elected by white people on the promise of ending racial tensions and putting the whole thing behind us, and instead he used his position as president to agitate for a bunch of racial grievances from the 1960s that most Americans viewed as finished with.

People apparently long for that time, before everything went too weird.

The other angle is that 2007/2008 is when the iPhone launched, and before long, basically everyone had become addicted to these devices. We don’t fully understand the effects of this, but I have speculated at some length (in various articles that the psychological disconnect created by smart-phones – this new form of unreality, where people have lost connection to their physical environment completely – is what allowed for everything to go so weird over the last 17 years or so.

The smart-phones certainly affected human relationships. It interfered significantly with normal human interactions – people won’t have a conversation without constantly messing with their phones. This caused a breakdown in relationships. The phones also gave women the ability to get unlimited amounts of attention from thousands or millions of men, in turn enabling these men to anonymously say what ever they like to these women. These dynamics made the majority of fertile women more or less completely unwilling to engage in normal human mating behaviour. Its important to define the difference between the earlier cell phones and smart phones.

Along with lacking the basic natural motivation and romantic drive towards creativity because of the phone, it’s just an obvious fact that constantly having a screen in front of your face is going to destroy both concentration and creativity.

Therefore, everyone in society is stuck in a loop. The creatives themselves are stuck in a loop in that they aren’t coming up with new ideas, but more importantly, the mass are stuck in a loop. The entire concept of art involves the artist asking the viewer of the art to join them in a creative journey, and this then requires imagination on the part of the consumer of the entertainment. Therefore, even if an artist is capable putting down the phone, keeping off the various anti-creativity drugs, and staying fit enough to have a working brain, his art is not worth anything to a society that is stuck in a loop and therefore only has interest in the safe and familiar.

However, we must note that even if we’ve reached a kind of stasis in terms of artistic expression, society continues to change rapidly, as we continue down this spiral of LGBT, racial revolution and feminism. The fact that people choose to comfort themselves with this looped past decades culture simply shows that people of all ages are simply dumbstruck, incapable of offering a response to what is happening.

Both supporters and opponents of this global agenda are entirely passive. The supporters do not think about any of it, they just go along with whatever new thing is promoted by CNN, the Democrat Party, and Hollywood. Opponents continually fall back on stupid clichés and worn out nonsense.


People in 2024 are in a state of future shock that is truly extreme, by any measure. In this context, the static culture is what you would expect.

We all thought that the internet was a massive own goal of the establishment, and in the beginning it really looked liked it was. Never before where Patriots able to find each other, network and meet with such ease. I remember trying to track down the biggest nationalist party in my country in my teens only to realise it was x directory and basically unfindable. I eventually managed to contact them by pausing a documentary i came across by chance where one of the activists was holding a leaflet with their phone number on it.

For some glorious years we grew and grew powered by the internet. We met online in chat forums and chat rooms. We spent hours and hours at our desks making plans sharing ideas and organising real world events. Then we met in real life and carried out our work. The 2 meshed hand in hand the internet and real world activism we where unstoppable……

Then came the smart phone.

I’ve been online dating between the years of 2002 to 2015 and i can tell you there was a huge shift in my experience. In 2002 for example a conversation with a woman would go something like

”Oh i’m from such and such a town where are you from ?”

”wow you have a dog, me too”

”What’s your favorit colour”

”Do you have brothers and sisters? wow me too”

People where genuinely excited to talk to others they met on the internet curious and open, spending great lengths to write long emails or hours in chat rooms / msm or other private messengers of the day. Sat at their desktops undistracted and interested to get to know one another.

Then the smart phone basically just ripped it all up. Now if your online dating you don’t even need to write you can just swipe … People approach and reply to each other in the length of a sarcastic tweet or even just a series of emojis. arrogantly dismissing each other from their seat on the bus or elevator to the office. the convenience has rendered courtship and any meaningful intellectual romance to the dustbin of history.

The smart phone has all but killed off Nationalism outside of Eastern Europe. Sure there are still nationalist parties and people that identify as being Nationalist, but the old goals of Nationalism are to put it bluntly defunct. Instead of sitting at a desk top finding new members to meet up with on the weekend activity, people now prefer to scroll through their preferred orgs social media page and like and occasionally share one of their posts. All communication with other Nationalists is invariably limited to and sent out in the length of a tweet. Done from as mentioned before, the bus home or the elevator to the office. This is the total extent of involvement and commitment from 90% of people that self identify as nationalists. This new wave of Nationalism is about self gratification, the same way a person feels good about themselves for donating a dollar to a bum then going about their day on a high for ”doing the good deed”

An article of this length and nature is supposed to have a happy ending but there isn’t going to be one. So what’s the point in writing it to begin with ? Well because people haven’t realised what’s happened. People don’t even realise that their political parties and scared ideals are finished. The western man & woman hasn’t even had the time to sit back and reflect on what’s missing in a cultural and social context, because they have been too busy swiping left in their time loops.

I guess to summarize id say that the internet pre smartphone was a creative safe space for idealists, people on the fringe of mainstream culture who where able to find people just like them. Using the internet required you to be at home rather than in a bar so you didn’t have the hedonistic sluts dominating it with their selfies. In effect the patriotic party has been ruined by the mass which is quite telling actually. It might, it.. just might give weight to the Neo-aristocracy idea that the mass is in fact not something we should be trying to pander to or even use but rather something to be avoided all together.

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