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In this article we try to tackle the subject of break away families. Although all effort must be made to keep families whole no matter how many generations, and the leadership of the family in complete control of all its members and directions. Any family member is permitted to ask to break from the main family and form their own branch. This should only be given if the person requesting it can demonstrate the skills to do so, and prove their continued support for the Neo-aristocracy.

Should permission  be given, the break away family must use its own chosen name in all public / private / business matters and cease using the original families name and heraldry. Permission/guidance must be sought for their own name & heraldry. The branch family will pay and agreed tribute in the region of 10% of that branch families total income to the original family. 

For this 10% the branch family should expect support for example. Have the right to access and use family contacts, and services at a heavily reduced rate. 

To have the right to Request financial assistance in the form free handouts or handouts on condition. as opposed to loans to avoid splitting and division from non payment.

To have the right to request block support on any issue legal or otherwise. For example want to demonstrate outside your kids school over a serious issue ignored by faculty ? Then request block support. Want help campaigning for a local politician then request block support. Want to write to and complain to a company or newspaper then request block support. 

To have the right to request the use of family property for example a stay at a summer house by the lake. 

Have the right to request protection if a family member is being attacked, harassed or threatened.

The list could go on, these are just basic examples, what ever is offered should be substantial, substantial enough to warrant the 10%

This is a two way street of course, and so favours should work both ways for both families. 

Branches should be seen as cousins (and invariably they will be) They should be cared for and welcomed to family events, consulted and protected, but Ultimately the original family and its members will always take precedent.


There is a number of religious sects that do this notably the Amish, and while it can be heart breaking for everyone involved it does work, and is an important part of why in difficult times people stay the course. 

In the unlikely and unhappy event that a family member no longer wishes to be a Neo-Aristocrat and part of their family. They must be shunned by all members except for the mother of the family, who of which should use this position primarily to entice the member back in. 

Once they decide to leave they loose all rights and privileges afforded to family members and loose access to all vehicles, monies & properties owned by the family.  Strick penalties should be levied on any family member breaking these conditions on their behalf.  Its sounds harsh, its unpleasant to even suggest such things, but look where we are at… Look what’s at stake 


So this is it so far a brief break down of some key points. Some thought has gone into this its not just on a whim. It can be hard to envisage what’s being proposed here perhaps sitting there in your living room with your 2 kids and 3 bedroom house its a stretch by any imagination where we are going with this but it only takes a single generation for this to start to gain traction then snowball, but at the end of the day it’s your family it’s up to you how you go, and how far you want to go. So far as we can tell this is the only way left to any kind of survival so it should definitely be worth your consideration.