Death of the West

It is a tragedy when something of value ends, and an even greater tragedy when it need not have ended. The declining birth rate in the west is leading to just such a tragedy. What are the causes of this decline and what are the cures? The crisis we face is largely self-imposed. Our physical circumstances are far less daunting than those our ancestors faced, but we are here because they survived. Today, our challenges are sociological and psychological rather than material.

The continuation of the western ideal has obvious merit. Both biologically and culturally, westerners are a vitally important sub-species of Homo sapiens. Our appearance–our variety in hair and eye color, hair texture, and ethnic variations–is unique and beautiful. The contributions of whites to culture, art, science, philosophy, and societal structures are unequaled.

And yet, the decline of westerners is usually treated as if it were a trivial matter or even a good thing. Susan Sontag famously complained that “the white race is the cancer of human history.” Somewhat more mildly, William H. Frey of the Brookings Institution says that without non-white immigrants the United States would face “a bleak future,” and he wants to “share the good news about diversity.”

The decline of the west can be expressed in terms of total fertility rate (TFR), or the average number of children born to a woman in her lifetime. The TFR for a replacement level population is about 2.1 children per woman (rather than 2.0, to account for women who do not survive to reproductive age). Unfortunately, as the table below shows, whites in the United States have been below replacement level for decades. Even rates such as 1.85 and 1.79 are overstated because the Census Bureau reports only the race of the mother, not that of the child.


Here are TFRs for other western countries:

Lithuania: 1.29

Ukraine: 1.30

Romania: 1.32

Poland: 1.33

Slovenia: 1.33

Latvia: 1.35

Greece: 1.41

Italy: 1.42

Serbia: 1.42

Hungary: 1.42

Germany: 1.43

Austria: 1.43

Czech Republic: 1.43

Bulgaria: 1.44

Croatia: 1.45

Estonia: 1.46

Spain: 1.48

Portugal: 1.52

Switzerland: 1.54

Canada: 1.59

Russia: 1.61

Armenia: 1.64

Belgium: 1.65

Denmark: 1.73

Finland: 1.73

Australia: 1.77

Luxembourg: 1.77

Netherlands: 1.78

Norway: 1.86

Iceland: 1.88

Sweden: 1.88

U.K.: 1.90

Ireland: 2.00

New Zealand: 2.05

France: 2.08

Western Civilization cannot be sustained without westerners, and from a Western perspective, life without Western Civilization has little appeal. Many people confuse the products of Western Civilization with its essence. We see this in the Peoples Republic of China where, at least in the major cities, there are advanced infrastructure and technology, yet underneath there is a harsh, intellectually constraining social structure. It is not Western. Many people predicted that China’s transition to semi-capitalism and industrialization would cause other changes that would align China with the Western model. This did not happen, because the Chinese are Chinese. The trappings of Western Civilization do not turn the Chinese into Westerners.

The essence of our civilization cannot be sustained by the “things” we have produced. The ruins of ancient civilizations are fascinating, but they are still cold and dead if there are no descendants of the people who created them to give them life and meaning. Other races will not use what we built to continue our civilization. The magnificent Greek Orthodox Church, Hagia Sophia, in Constantinople (now called “Istanbul”) was desecrated and converted into a mosque and then into a museum. We can try to impress the intellectual works of the West on those who are replacing us, but they will follow their own ways and reject ours. The only way to sustain our civilization is through our descendants.

Why are westerners failing to reproduce themselves? There are several reasons. One is the litany of anti-west propaganda from the media, academia, government, anti-white activists and sometimes even from Westerners themselves. This constant anti-west message may dissuade some within the mass from having children. Germany, where 30 percent of women are childless–the highest rate in the world–may be especially afflicted because of its history. Its working-age population is projected to decline more rapidly than any country on earth. At the same time, x Chancellor Angela Merkel famously said Germany is becoming “a country of immigrants,” and urges Germans to welcome non-European refugees.

The economic and societal pressures of globalization also depress white birth rates. People reproduce more when there is less stress. Economic shocks, offshoring, outsourcing, immigration, “affirmative action,” and constant demands for higher productivity worry whites to the point that they are hesitant to have children or even get married. Blacks, Muslims, and Hispanics are willing to have children under financial circumstances whites would likely consider irresponsible.

Feminism is also an important factor in the decline in fertility in the West. White women have always been especially susceptible to feminism, and many are now indoctrinated to see white men as oppressors, and to try to be independent from them in every way. It can be argued that modern feminism carried to its extreme is almost a death cult, to the extent that it teaches that men and child bearing are essentially superfluous. Relations between men and women, especially younger ones, are surely at a historical nadir.

Another recent phenomenon has been the “childless by choice” mantra of couples who are physically and financially able to have children. The “DINK” (double income, no kids) trend is another reason for white decline. Today, many whites are so narcissistic, so unable to look beyond their own material ambitions, that they have no room in their lives for children. Of course, without modern birth control, none of this would be possible.

An example of a modern “compromise” with selfishness is the one-child-by-choice household. In China the government had to force parents to limit themselves to one child, but in the West many people do it voluntarily. If everyone did it, each generation would be 50 percent smaller than the one before. This practice also leaves children without siblings, which is utterly unnatural, and means that, as adults, they are without an essential support group in a precarious world.

Ultimately, it is a collective choice to go extinct or not, but voluntary childlessness is contrary to nature. We must purge ourselves of sick and destructive ideas that have arisen only in the past few decades.

One of the sickest ideas of our time is that children are a bother and a distraction from the life that really matters. In our society, you will look mostly in vain for descriptions of the intense joy that comes from creating another being that is part of you. The closest we usually get is the story about some celebrity who has gone from “baby bump” to mother, and who tells the tabloids that little Brittney is just “awesome.” There is almost complete silence about the joy that children bring to fathers.

I have led an interesting, challenging, well-traveled life, but I can state unequivocally that being a father trumps every other experience by far. And I should know: I have four children, from pre-teen to early twenties. You will feel no love that equals the love you feel for your children, and nothing is more rewarding than the love they show you in return. Your children may very well become your best friends . . . for life. Being a parent will draw you out of the confines of your own existence in a way that nothing else can, dramatically broadening your perspective and calling to life deep reserves of emotion and attachment you never knew were there. Bringing forth the next generation is the central miracle of Nature, and no one who has not experienced it can claim to have fully lived.

Being a parent will sharpen your perception of the present, and focus your concerns about the future. And it will give you the incomparable pleasure of raising a child in the learning and traditions of Western Civilization. It is thrilling to see your child’s eyes light up with the awareness of our Western heritage, and become the living embodiment of it.

Both men and women must escape the animosities between the sexes that have accumulated over the past few decades and return to the beautiful and natural state of family and creation. A women’s fertility declines after her mid-twenties, so it is prudent to start having children early.

Of course, children can be a challenge and a frustration, but do not forget that every one of your ancestors met the same challenge and frustration. If we do not do our duty–and partake in our share of joy–there will be nothing left but the memory of our civilization.

Some of the determining Factors of the declining birthrate are:

1. Destruction of the family unit along with promotion of abortion and collective birth control.

2. Promotion of non-reproductive, sexual lifestyles, such as homosexuality and celibacy.

3. Widespread use of alcohol and illicit drugs, causing the degeneration of tens of millions of westerners. 

4. Radical feminist promotion of careerism accompanied by hostility to motherhood, as well as agitation of sexual conflict and competition between the sexes. These factors are exacerbated by economic factors that force women from motherhood and the home and into the workplace.

5. Economic pressure on families as well as crime and other social problems that suppress the psychological underpinning of a healthy  birth rate. How often have you heard  the saying, “Who wants to bring a child into this messed-up world?”

Make Love not War

The Nationalist right has always been the on the defensive ready for any perceived external threat and demographics has always played a big role in that position however by some sick twisted irony the very people shaking their fists at politicians for trafficking immigrants into the west are themselves for the most part utterly refusing to have children above replacement level. in fact it appears that as a sub group the nationalist right birth rate may be even lower than that of mainstream society.

Such people are all too willing to advocate and or partake in war to protect the homeland. Killing and risking being killed is deemed acceptable. Moving to a cheaper bigger house in another region not acceptable. Selling the car and replacing it with a mini van to fit all the kids in, not acceptable.

The list of comparables is endless, but the fact that the majority of the mass would rather commit murder while risking being murdered than have children is alarming at best. No realistic amount of demonstrating and voting can stop or reverse the current demographics the only way they can be challenged is if Westerners themselves decided to procreate above replacement level. 

Cost is the primary excuse sited. its stated almost as a “matter of fact” that it just isn’t possible to afford more than 2 children today. This is obviously utterly ridiculous and thousands of years of our history proves it. Just 70 or 60 years ago families of 4 and more where the norm. Well guess what they couldn’t afford them either but they still had them and had fun doing it along the way. 

Kids grew up with less toys, they shared clothes. They shared bedrooms. Holidays where taken closer to home, and expensive gifts reserved for Birthdays and Christmases, but they valued what they had, and they had each other. What they didn’t have was a death spiralling civilization ending birth rate hanging over them. 

Its a choice. Does your 1 child have the latest I phone or do your many children have cheap burner phones.  What it really comes down to is the materialism of the parents and the unwillingness to move to a cheaper area. If any doubt about any of this go find a large family where the off spring are all adults and ask them would their childhood have been better if there had been less of them. Ask them individually which brother or sister they would have rather not existed so as for them to had more space or more clothes or more gadgets. 

Neo-Aristocracy isn’t about trying to persuade the western mass to give up its gadgets in return for more babies. That would be a total waste of time, The point of our argument is that if our members and would be members decide to take that path then they will be at a serious advantage as a family in the decades to come. Imagine in the not to far off future where most children have no siblings and your child happens to be one of 5 siblings who all attend the same school.  The advantages are obvious and so they would continue throughout life.