Percentage of Europeans Willing To Fight A War For Their Country

The map above shows the percentage of residents in various European countries who are willing to fight and go to war for their country.

As war with Russia escalates and the western powers continue to poke the already wide awake Russian bear, we take a look at just how likely the various European countries would actually follow through on their threats. From high to low, these are the percentages by country:

  • 74% – Finland
  • 73% – Turkey
  • 62% – Ukraine
  • 59% – Russia
  • 58% – Kosovo
  • 55% – Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • 55% – Sweden
  • 54% – Greece
  • 47% – Poland
  • 46% – Serbia
  • 41% – Latvia
  • 39% – Switzerland
  • 38% – Ireland
  • 38% – Macedonia
  • 38% – Romania
  • 37% – Denmark
  • 29% – France
  • 28% – Portugal
  • 27% – United Kingdom
  • 26% – Iceland
  • 25% – Bulgaria
  • 23% – Czech Republic
  • 21% – Austria
  • 21% – Spain
  • 20% – Italy
  • 19% – Belgium
  • 18% – Germany
  • 15% – The Netherlands

The results are from a 2015 WIN/Gallup International global survey. The sample size and methodology was as follows:

A total of 62,398 persons were interviewed globally. In each country a representative sample of around 1000 men and women was interviewed either face to face (30 countries; n=32258), via telephone (12 countries; n=9784) or online (22 countries; n=20356). Details are attached. The field work was conducted during September 2014 – December 2014. The margin of error for the survey is between 2.14 and 4.45 +3-5% at 95% confidence level.

Europe is the continent with the fewest people willing to fight a war for their country. Globally, an average of 61% of respondents in 64 countries said they would. Morocco (94%), Fiji (94%), Pakistan (89%), Vietnam (89%) and Bangladesh (86%) had the highest percentage willing to fight.

The country with the fewest people willing to go to war was Japan, with just 11% of respondents saying they would fight.

Russia aside i think its there’s more of a story here, you have 2 glaringly obvious avenues of concern. One that it’s non western nations that are far more willing to fight for their country than western ones which of course presents a major problem in the long term given the declining  western birth rate, and overall ever diminishing status. Two that the people of western nations seem more and more detached from the countries they are born into. Long gone are the days of for King country and God. 

Many of our readers will agree of course and have firmly decided some time ago they won’t fight for the various western occupational  governments as they see it and its understandable of course, however the findings here set an alarming picture of the collective western decay. The figures reek of disunity disloyalty and not least disenfranchised. 

You have a mixture of people that do love their country but wont fight for their corrupt governments and on the other hand a large % of the population that can’t even be bothered to object in any capacity verbally or otherwise the daily crimes of the state let alone risk their lives defending the homeland.

Its a red flag for all those still hell bent on pandering to the mass for western salvation / rebirth. 

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