Attack Against Freedom of Speech’: Elon Musk Condemns Ireland’s Orwellian “Hate” Speech Bill

Premium Photo | Broken white heart shape with ireland flag Ireland is about to pass “one of the most radical hate speech bills” in the entire world which will throw people in jail for possessing “hateful” material on their devices and consider the accused guilty until proven innocent. 

Ireland is about to pass one of the most radical hate speech bills yet,” Irish nationalist Keith Woods said on Twitter. “Merely possessing ‘hateful’ material on your devices is enough to face prison time.”

“Not only that, but the burden of proof is shifted to the accused, who is expected to prove they didn’t intend to use the material to ‘spread hate’. This clause is so radical that even the Trotskyist People Before Profit opposed it as a flagrant violation of civil liberties. Dark times.”

“This is a massive attack against freedom of speech,” Elon Musk responded.

“It’s insane what’s happening in the ‘free world,’” Donald Trump Jr. commented. 

“Thank you for standing for free speech!” Woods responded. “What’s happening in the West is tragic. And now Meatball Ron [DeSantis] is signing hate-speech legislation for Florida in a foreign country. I hope you take your country back!”

“Ireland has had uninterrupted rule of far left extremists for decades. Ireland embraced neo-marxism as much as any small state, growing the economy on its ‘competitiveness’ for American companies and finance capital,” 

“Now that the transformation into an identityless global economic zone is almost complete, hate speech and similar legislation are necessary to ensure the Irish people cannot again express sovereignty over their homeland.”

Earlier this year, the Irish police announced they were monitoring Woods just for interviewing Catholic reactionary Nick Fuentes for a podcast talking about politics. Generally speaking these type of extremist policies are often rolled out in one country as a test for others. Simply put if the mass doesn’t stand against these vile anti west extremists now then it will be too late 

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