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Our mission: To raise awareness within our community helping to limit the impact of dangerous and deadly chemicals found in food, clothing, toy’s and general environment. Advocating for the use of safer alternative products, through research, advocacy, .grassroots organizing, and consumer engagement to ensure a healthier western tomorrow.

Unbeknown and or ignored by most, deadly and dangerous chemicals are legally present in countless everyday household items through out the west today. Its no coincidence as the use of plastics and pesticides sored the western fertility rate plummeted. and cancer deaths sky rocketed.


From a Neo-Aristocrat point of view it’s a matter of fact the most serious issue of the day is the death spiral western birth rate, and it’s primarily for that reason we have decided to address the toxic-chemical issue. People are under the illusion that because a chemical that is in a household product they bought at the store it must be safe it must have been tested by a independent body ?

New data, compiled and analyzed by the Center for Effective Government (CEG), calls industry promises into question. Chemical Companies Say “Trust Us,” But the report identified that too few chemicals have been tested for safety. Of the 84,000 chemicals registered for commercial use today, government agencies have tested only 250 and restricted the use of only nine. The industry effectively self regulates. No outside body approves chemicals for use before they go into mass production and distribution. Often a chemical is only investigated by say the FDA if a law suit is filed as a result of death or serious injury.

The bottom line is no one is regulating these chemicals from business point of view its far cheaper to pay damages after the fact than to ensure every chemical sold is safe. This is why its so important that you yourself understand what it is your buying and brining into your family’s home. If in any doubt do your own research that’s the whole point here anyway, but the facts and figures speak for themselves. Sperm count has declined (99 million sperm per ml) in 1970 to (47 million sperm per mL) 2011 so down more than half in a little over 40 years. Right in line with the western birth rate death spiral. Anyway we will endeavour compile as much information as possible and publish it in our blog to give our members some better insight and in doing so better protect themselves and their loved ones.



Is it possible to talk about the pollution of sexuality in the same way that we can talk about the pollution of the air with sulphur dioxide belched out of smoke stacks or pollution of the water through industrial waste dumped in rivers?

If we can befoul nature by violating its intrinsic order and beauty, can we do the same to human nature, and in particular, human sexuality? If intemperance and greed destroy the natural environment, do they also destroy the sexual environment? Can we measure that destruction, so that it is scientifically verifiable?

Yes. Our sexual environment is about as polluted as China’s air, and the harm caused by such pollution is just as scientifically demonstrable.

The internet is the pipeline that dumps the raw sexual sewage into our sexual environment at a level unprecedented historically.

Every sexual combination or variation is now available on the web, both creating and responding to the demands of the addicted: Sex with any gender combination, including transgender; oral, anal, and masturbatory sex; sex with objects; sex with animals; sex involving participants wearing diapers; sex involving faeces or urine; amputee sex; sex involving choking and vomiting; brutal sadism, torture, rape, and even
murder; cartoon pornography and child pornography; sex with sexbots; and finally, computer generated virtual sex of any and every unnatural, and previously unimaginable kind.

If some other cause were bringing about such awful effects, we’d declare societal “war” on the causes. But you can’t declare war on malformed sexuality without calling into question the assumption of the sexual revolution that there is no such thing as malformed sexuality.

How could anyone deny that there is such a thing as sexual pollution? How much more destruction is needed? How much more harm can we sustain without social collapse? Finally, at what point will the sexual revolution admit defeat, and confess that the Church was right all along about sex?

There has always been—and always will be—an interest in pornography. However, in
the past decade it has not only reached unimaginable new lows of depravity but this
depravity has also found its way into the hands of every child old enough to be given a smart phone by the ever less-caring parents.

Children are now being expelled from school all across the West for sharing
pornography ranging from fairly tame pictures of naked women, to bestiality and other such form of gross depravity listed above.  The mental scarring this is leaving on our Western youth is immeasurable. There is no precedent for it so no one knows how bad the long-term effects will really be.

Our newspapers are also awash with stories of young teens taking their own lives because they have had naked pictures of themselves which they sent in confidence to boyfriend or girlfriend shared with the entire school on the eve of the inevitable breakdown of their short romance. Again, the short-term effects are devastating, causing, in some cases, death. The long-term effects are as yet unknown.

Although mainstream society does address these issues somewhat, nationalism, for the most part, ignores it. “Regular” pornography is somewhat like alcohol, it’s not ever going to go away and the banning of such would be impossible to enforce. However,
we are not merely talking about topless pictures that can be found in some national newspapers, nor do we speak of the playboy type videos. Of course, all forms can be, and are, destructive to a healthy society, but what we are primarily talking about is this new wave of depravity that knows no limit, and that is governed by no laws. It is quite literally a lethal malignant virus spreading to our homes and the minds of our children.

Neo-Aristocracy perhaps can shine a brighter light on the problem. If you have been affected by this article and would like to help us in tackling/bringing awareness to this devastating problem we face, then perhaps you might consider joining us in our noble crusade


G7 summit 2021 start in Cornwall — as it happened | News | DW | 11.06.2021

No big speech here, just that we all know its here from the town councils to the kings and queens its all rotten, all of it, and we will expose it help us do that by sharing our content.