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Knights of Christos or just Christos was formed almost 6 years ago and is a sub group for Christian Neo-Aristocracy members. We do not shun or try to convert those members that are not Its simply for ourselves and a suggestion for others. Unbeknown to many it is possible to work alongside people of other faiths without the faiths destroying the relationship. This seems particularly difficult to accept in North America, however there are excellent working examples of it everywhere.

The west was built behind the cross it’s on many of our nations flags its a symbol that defines progress, and light, decency, justice, and our moral imperative. The church as corrupt and anti west as it is today was once the glue that bound us all. Just as all of our western institutions have degenerated into systems that now weaken us as a society the church was once the very bedrock of it all. For the past 5 or 6 decades the church has become somewhat of a joke and in turn the faith along with it or perhaps its more accurate to say that the faith is now ridiculed because the church is seen as a joke. 

Neo-Aristocracy does not recognise mainstream churches anymore than we do sitting Western governments, but its important to make the distinction between the church and the faith itself. These days the former has less and less to do with the latter. If you are a Concerned Conservative Christian then Neo-Aristocracy welcomes you why not join us.