The term was coined by Bertil Lundman (Nord-atlantid), and derives from the association of the type with the North Atlantic shores.
Other names:

– Northwestern (Deniker; mostly synonymous)

Re-emergence of a Mesolithic/Neolithic Atlanto-Mediterranid strain through a chrysalis of Nordish types; the Mediterranid strain, primarily associated with the western European coastal culture of the Megaliths, is one of the locally oldest racial strains in Britain, only predated by the Paleolithic settlements of Cro-Magnids (“Brünn”) following the Last Glacial Maximum.

The North-Atlantid takes an intermediate morphological and anthropometric position between the tall Atlanto-Mediterranid and Nordish (chiefly Nordid) types involved in its formation, but the latter elements predominate, and the impression is more usually of an “exotic Nordid” phenotype than of a “nordicized Mediterranid” one.

North-Atlantids are essentially characterized by dolichocephaly, leptoprosopy and leptorrhiny. Pigmentation is relatively light. Hair color runs from dark brown to almost black, whereas eye pigmentation is typically light – blue and green eyes are the rule. The skin is seldom darker than the northern European mean.


Celebrity examples:

Celebrity examples:

  Pierce Brosnan          Gary Cooper        Mathew Goode
       (Ireland)                                          (USA)                      (England)

Geographical distribution:

The type is most highly concentrated in coastal areas of Ireland, Wales and Scotland, and has dispersed around most of the British Isles. Its connection to similar continental types inhabiting adjacent coastal areas establishes it as a northern extreme of the Atlantid gradient, which terminates in the southwestern Atlanto-Mediterranid type.
Related or similar types:

– Atlanto-Mediterranid

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