In most respects, the Norid type takes the form of a blond Dinarid variant. It displays features which are traditionally associated with the Dinarid race – a shallow nasion depression, leptorrhiny, great nose length, height, and convexity, great brachycephaly, and moderately tall stature. Norids are not, though, as accentuated in these Dinarid features as are the Dinarids themselves, but show a slightly less exaggerated nasality, a somewhat lower cephalic index (82-85), and a smaller stature, due to the predominance of the Nordid strain.

Norids are, like Dinarids, planoccipital. This means that the occiput of the skull, the lower posterior bone extending from the foramen magnum to lambda, is straight rather than curved or projecting.

Norids are characteristically blond, and approach Nordids in pigmentation. The hair is usually medium brown to golden blond, the eyes light or light-mixed, though this varies, and brown eyes are not uncommon. In areas where the Dinarid element predominates, pigmentation naturally tends in a more brunet direction.


Examples from The Races of Europe (Carleton S. Coon 1939):

(Berlin, Germany) (Galicia, Poland) (Zadrima, Albania)

Celebrity examples:

Kurt Waldheim         Steffi Graf          Wayne Gretzky  Carolyn B. Kennedy
        (Austria)                  (Germany)    (Canada; Belarusian descent)       (USA)

Further examples:

       (Austria; rather

Geographical distribution:

The modern Norid racial zone is centered in Austria and Switzerland, the greater Norid territory reaching eastward and southward from northern France – the Sub-Nordid country – through the Swiss Alps, and into the brunet Dinarid racial zone of northern Italy and the Balkans. In France it blends with Alpinids in the south and with Nordids in the terrirories to the north, and is everywhere transitional to the Sub-Nordid or Alpinid-mixed Nordid type. In southern Germany it is found in combination with Alpinid, Borreby, and other elements. Norids or Norid-looking individuals are found in most countries where relatively pure Nordid and Dinarids exist.

Related or similar types:

– Keltic Nordid
– Dinarid
– Sub-Nordid

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