This is by no means a detailed final account more of a guideline of a kind, at the very least an update to my earlier work on the subject as i know many of you have requested further clarification on what Neo-aristocracy is all about, anyway its  a look into the factors that have helped build family dynasties historically. with a modern twist to suit the environment forced on neo-aristocrats  This is not for the faint hearted indeed most people can’t think past their own life span in this selfish era we currently live in so it won’t make any sense at all to the mass but for the few here it is. 

First, you don’t need a family fortune. Its a total misconception and a big one, enough to shut down any attempt to begin with for most. Although desirable a stately home or castle with a Million plus in the bank are far from necessary requirements for starting ones dynasty. You should of course be debt free excluding mortgage debt and be in a position to start saving from the get go. Home ownership however small is really a basic requirement a first building block if you will. As stated you don’t need a fortune to start, but your dynasty should  pursue relentlessly the acquisition of monetary wealth in and outside the chosen family business. 

Second, . Building a fortune for its own sake is not only vulgar, but it wears thin very quickly. You will realise that having wealth is different from doing something great and meaningful with it. perhaps not at the beginning but certainly fairly early on you will want to set up the right trust or a foundation that will support the deeper Neo-aristocratic initiatives.  Education, arts and culture, politics and the western ideal – this is a step that you will need to take to make your dynasty sustainable. It will give you direction and be one of many binding ideals that hold your family firmly in place. 

Third, lock the family wealth into the right estate structure. Once you pass an amount you deem to be useful enough in liquid assets, look at dynasty trusts, asset protection, and investment strategies. Almost every culture around the world has an equivalent for going from shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations and you don’t want your family to be part of that.

Fourth, marry well. Your first prize should be to become a member of an established, but impoverished dynasty, who will be motivated to regain the family position with your wealth or ideas alone. second choice is to marry a go-getter like yourself. Once you are married, do not get divorced. There are few surer ways to diminish your wealth (and, thus, position) than through divorce. So choose wisely discus the end goals before you get seriously involved. generally in todays dating game its only seen as appropriate to discuss important matters after the positive result on a pregnancy test. You want to avoid this and the liability of being stuck with someone that does not share your neo-aristocratic outlook and dreams. These days of course men generally choose a partner based on appearance, Obviously looks are important but the priority of course should be child baring ability and shared ideals. Although it breaks with tradition and some might say in the face of what we as neo-aristocrats stand for its strongly advised that you do not marry until the first child is born or at the very least conceived, there by avoiding the difficulties of breaking up a relationship based on the inability to bare children. This of course will come across as heartless or at best mean to some but we are not talking about building regular families here, you yourself the reader are most likely not a regular person ? to begin with. We search for the exceptional we strive for the great. There is no reason you can’t have it all. Love and success. 

Fifth, have as many offspring as you can the bare minimum would be 4 or what’s the point right ? and then imbue them with the same sense of purpose you have. Companies have a mission statement. Sports teams develop a team spirit. Regiments seek to maintain high morale. All of this is for a reason – the people involved have to believe that what they are doing serves a greater purpose. If you fail to do this, you run the risk of producing generations of idle layabouts or spineless types susceptible to all the ills of the modern world who will dissipate the family fortune and relegate it back to obscurity. You have to establish a ethos and family code right off the bat. Its extremely important to make each member of the family financially dependent on the family businesses, it doesn’t have to be their only source of money and indeed it shouldn’t but it should be enough that they wouldn’t want it taken away from them. If Blood doesn’t keep them in line then the money will if you catch my drift. 

Sixth, seek to establish all of your children and grandchildren in positions of authority. In the battle of money where loyalty is key then Blood is your best bet Blood ties can withstand the assaults from the machinery of state. As you grow you will have made some enemies, but many will simply wish you ill, because of their own projected insecurities and fears. As such, you will be subject to their greed or malice and even lawyers could have a limited effect. Your best bet is thus to keep it in the family as much as possible have children or other family members in positions of authority. guide this children to positions of power outside of the family for example In less academically bright children this would be the armed forces,  law enforcement, real estate, construction,  In brighter kids, these are still valuable positions, but you will get better leverage from having lawyers  judges, politicians, bankers, actors  pro sportsman & women. Its important to remember and to remind them their only external work is fundamentally for the service and growth of the family business above everything else. Wages to be taxed internally as set out in other articles on this website somewhere in the region of 50% should go in tribute to the head of the family, to be invested in the family business 

Seventh, establish a succession plan. Primogeniture, common in monarchies and aristocracies, has as many advantages as it has disadvantages, but it certainly runs the risk of not having the right person for the next generation of leadership. Some dynasties, such as the Rothschilds arguably the most successful family of all time they, observe progress made by the next generation and then elect the most suitable and competent one to lead the family regardless of sex or birth order to manage its wealth. Make inheritance conditional on reaching certain milestones, such as academic, service attainment. and above all service and commitment to the family and its creed.

Eight, you will not accomplish any of this on your own. No man is an island and you will need to surround yourself with a competent team, This is why its so fundamentally important to network with other neo-aristocrats there is a anti social habit within our movement to distance ourselves from each other or just outright ignore.  As you grow your dynasty you wont always be able to rely on family members  so you will need each other, that wider network set up the right incentive structure and reward stellar performance and loyalty from other members or would be members perhaps drawing the latter in with examples of your success. As mentioned earlier family wealth is a paramount goal but so to is non monetary growth through child birth and increasing your neo-aristocratic circle. After all its only the like minded that truly understand your mission. 

Ninth, establish a family reputation and guard it with your life. It takes decades to build a great one and one or two unfortunate incidents to destroy it. If you become known for being stern but fair, tough but not rough, perceptive but not paranoid, then you will be able to command broader respect from many quarters, which will stabilise and cement your position. in the year of writing 2024 Honesty is about as rare and as a valuable a trait to have. Remember that. Your word is your bond. The western ideal is what we live by and strive for. We need to be that example if not always in private then at least always in public. 

Tenth, be up for it. Many people reach a certain level, after which their internal fears kick in and they become self-destructive. You see that with top artists and sportsmen, businessmen and politicians, whose lives become decadent and debaucherous after they attain some wealth. You don’t want to be that guy. You want to have your house in order, your health in check, your family united, and your heart and mind firmly set and continuously advancing the western ideal, advancing your person, advancing your dynasty. Its important to know when to step down. Your not the Queen or King of England, you don’t have to reign till death, be objective if you can’t do the job as well as you used to, if your chosen heir is ready then maybe its time to hand it over. 

The real test is not getting there, but staying there. Remember this is a hereditary organisation and we are the unlucky few. The first generation.